The Blood Mark


The Blood Mark is an engrossing thriller about an Iraq War veteran’s family that must overcome unimaginable tragedy and danger to survive.  Colonel John Cloud suffers from debilitating PTSD from his deployments in Iraq.  His disability and extended absences have alienated him from his wife and two daughters.

Joy Cloud, John Cloud’s youngest daughter, is the interim director of a women’s clinic in Oklahoma.  The strained relationship with her father and traumatic, adolescent experiences, adds to her hostility toward men.  Joy has volunteered for a life-altering medical procedure, to support her elder sister Dawn Cloud.  To further complicate Joy’s life, a new Police Detective Jason Moore, are flung together by unpredictable events and an improbable relationship develops.

Carmella Ramirez, a young Latina mother and her teenage daughter Angelina, are fleeing their impoverished farm in Southern Mexico.  They must undertake a grueling trek north to Oklahoma, to reunite with her family.  These women must confront terrifying perils, in their search of a better life.

All the while, a merciless ISIS commander Mohammad Rafta, is encouraged to exact revenge for the death of his family.  To do so, he selects a dozen cold-blooded killers to travel to America, leaving bodies in their wake.  His mission; to kill by any means necessary, the entire Cloud family.

The Cloud family and close friends must overcome their issues before confronting this mortal threat.  Unfortunately, a staggering toll will be taken. This fast-moving story, extracted from today’s headlines, masterfully connects all characters, forcing them to make surprising choices.  Ultimately, The Blood Mark is an incredible story of the resilience of the human spirit.